What to Look for in a Boot Cover

Quality materials. The best boot covers look like they are part of the actual boot. The faux fur shouldn’t look like an old stuffed animal; and sweater boot covers should not resemble an old sock or sweater sleeve pulled down over your boot. The quality of materials is key.

Boot covers are becoming this year’s hot fashion trend by transforming  favorite boots into today’s top looks.

Boot covers, which are sometimes known as boot wraps, boot toppers, boot sleeves and even leg warmers are not limited to shearling boots.

The right boot cover can also work on high-heeled boot styles as well as cowboy or motorcycle boots. The most popular boot covers this year include faux fur, animal print, knit, feathered and Sherpa boot covers. With so many types and brand to choose from, how do you make sure to choose the right ones?

Boots take a beating. You need a boot cover sturdy enough to withstand the elements. The big advantage of a boot cover is that they can be washed separately from the boot.

Care. Boot covers or wraps should not be stretched, stained and/or misshapen after a single wearing. We recommend not washing them in the washer, only spot washing and air drying because some of the material  and leather will not do good in a washer.

Boot wraps are made to wrap around your boot without the need for that elastic at the top. Because of this, people are more likely to say “NICE boots,” not “where did you get that cover?”

Fit. Do your boot covers stand up alone or do they need that elastic around the top? Using an elastic can give boot covers a “pinched” look, making it obvious that they are more like a leg warmer OVER your boot, not a part of the boot. That’s the main technical difference between “boot covers” and “boot wraps.”

Height. Boot covers come in different lengths. Some are so long that they go up to your knee. The downside of full-length boot covers are that they cut off your legs at an unflattering point. 

Boot wraps that end mid-calf not only fit on your boots, but they can even make your legs look skinny, too! 

Accessories. Some boot wraps and covers come with accents like toggles or fringe, or even a button that can be used to add accessories like pom-poms, feathers and crisscross lacing. This is a great way to add even more variety to your boots!


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